• 3rd collection - '무하의 결:Freedom'

      [BYDELLA’s 3rd COLLECTION] 『무하의 결: Freedom』 This collection, 『Image of Mucha : Freedom』, was inspired by the exhibition of Alphonse Mucha’ works three years ago. Mucha's works displayed in the exhibition hall were expressed with intense decorative drawing lines and a variety of different colors. All of these were fresh shocks to me. Despite the flat work, I could vividly feel the three-dimensional effect that seemed to bounce out of the frame. In short, Mucha's exhibition served as an opportunity to break the framework I had so far in terms of design. In this collection, which has been steadily prepared for three years, there are flexible and intense curves created by double textures. In addition, various shapes encompassing the times have been implemented. Furthermore, we expanded the scope of visual enjoyment by using unbalanced or various colors and shapes of jewelry. This collection is mainly composed of jewelry works that can stand out in really an enormously sophisticated way in various clothes regardless of the season. Therefore you can feel the two charms of a unique but daily jewelry line and a bold but luxurious line.



      ‘Oceanic Echo Series’ - The Oceanic Echo, the title of BYDELLA's Art Jewelry Collection, was created inspired by the sea. In this work, I expressed the grandeur and wonder that I felt under the deep sea.


    • 2nd collection-'The Memories of Winter'

      The Memories of Winter’ is based on memories related to winter. Everyone has memories of winter. For example, a snowman from childhood, Christmas that made everyone's heart flutter, lights and Christmas tree ornaments that decorated the streets, a world covered with white snow, and drops of water dripping in icicles, and so on. This collection is created in these shapes that make our hearts happy. Unlike the previous collection, "The Memories of Winter" is a good mix of cotton and line work, making it colorful and varied on the one hand, but simple and neat on the other.


    • 1st collection - 'The Legend of the Deep Sea'

      BYDELLA's first collection was based on the deep sea. This collection is an extension of the 'Oceanic Echo' series, which the designer has studied and displayed. Using the echo of the deep sea, vital marine life forms, and natural freshwater pearls called the gem of the sea, it adds elegance to its curved and diverse sense of form to show off its soft yet colorful jewelry.


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